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Features of Plantation Crown and Hawk Estate located on the Crown Mountain Road on the lush North side of St Thomas include:

              ·        Villa Botanica

·        Totally Private Estate

·        Historical Site with Sugar Mill including old Estate Walls and Brick Oven

·        Approx. Square Footage  : Interior – 2185 sq. ft.

                                                   : Roofed Exterior - 

                                                                   Entry Foyer          

                                                                   Dinning Room


                                                                   Dance Floor


                                                                   Sitting Area for Arrivals and Departures

                                                    : Exterior Stone and Tiled Decks -

                                                                   - Location for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour,

                                                                   or Additional Dining off of Main

                                                                   Dinning Area

                                                                   - Stone Deck is Poolside with Ocean and

                                                                   Harbor View

·        Pool

·        Bridal Dressing Salon with Private Powder Room

·        Great Room for Guest Relaxation and or Groomsmen

·        Five Restrooms for Guest / one Handicapped Equipped

·        House Audio System with Outdoor Speakers to Ceremony and Reception Areas

·        Automatic Backup Generator

·        Pond with 125 ft Long Waterfall

·        Garden Pavilion

·        Water Fountains

·        Orchid Garden…Home to Hundreds of Orchids

·        2 ˝  Acres of Gardens, Lawns, Bridges, Stone Paths, and Trails

·        Three Ceremony or Cocktail Locations

·        Many Garden Photographic Backdrop Opportunities Throughout the Property

·        “Heaven on Earth” ( as quoted by one of VillaBotanicas guest)